BTS: No Rest For The Wicked

           I went to Japan for a casting audition and vacation. My family supported me throughout. I will hopefully be living in Japan forever. Not sure when but it's sooner than the Star Wars or the Jurassic Park sequel. I was blown away with the environment. Everyone is disciplined, well, let's say most but it's still majority. No corruption, not much crimes based on the places I visited and no pollution too! I was also amazed by the humidity.


LOOKBOOK.nu: No Rest For The Wicked

           I have been listening to a lot of Lykke Li right now. I'm currently addicted to No Rest For The Wicked and Gunshot. I love all the songs in the album! I listened to it on an album stream. I appreciate all of the songs too!


LOOKBOOK.nu: Revolution

           We finally celebrated New Year again after few years had passed.



           This look is what I wore when I visited my previous school. I just caught up with my friends. We had a dinner together and had a shoot. The place was beside a highway which flushed our confidence because everybody is strangely staring at us while we strut ourselves into different poses. I felt like wearing something urban and grungy because I've been listening to artists with that genre. Music is like my oxygen. It keeps me breathing and alive.


LOOKBOOK.nu: おまんこ + Links for donating to Haiyan (Yolanda) victims

           I know a lot of people are suffering right now in the Philippines because of the recent super typhoon. I feel really bad for just taking photos and being oblivious. Instead of a normal style post, I will use this opportunity to attract and persuade you guys to donate even just a few amount of what you get daily, weekly, or monthly.