This look is what I wore when I visited my previous school. I just caught up with my friends. We had a dinner together and had a shoot. The place was beside a highway which flushed our confidence because everybody is strangely staring at us while we strut ourselves into different poses. I felt like wearing something urban and grungy because I've been listening to artists with that genre. Music is like my oxygen. It keeps me breathing and alive.


LOOKBOOK.nu: おまんこ + Links for donating to Haiyan (Yolanda) victims

           I know a lot of people are suffering right now in the Philippines because of the recent super typhoon. I feel really bad for just taking photos and being oblivious. Instead of a normal style post, I will use this opportunity to attract and persuade you guys to donate even just a few amount of what you get daily, weekly, or monthly.


LOOKBOOK.nu: Purity

           After few weeks on hiatus, I am back again. I have been enjoying the past few weeks. Halloween month just passed and it is literally my favorite celebration every year. I just love dressing as a character. I can be dark and haunting without getting looks from people.


Cotton Candy

           Hello guys. What's happening to your lives? This is what happened to mine few days ago.


September: Month of the Best Album Releases!

           Finally, a post that I can label as music.


LOOKBOOK.nu: Charli XCX - You


          We had this shoot last August 11, 2013 if I'm not wrong. I've been lazy to create a blog post. That is the reason to all of this.



          I've been hooked to the band CHVRCHES for a few weeks now. I gave too much attention to them which made me feel like I have no room for other artists. Don't get me wrong but they are making a name in the music industry now.


       I finally have a life in blogging now. Most of you must be wondering where my older posts are. I deleted them. Thinking it would be better to start a new style of blogging.