I've been hooked to the band CHVRCHES for a few weeks now. I gave too much attention to them which made me feel like I have no room for other artists. Don't get me wrong but they are making a name in the music industry now.

          I was so inspired that it woke up the right side of my brain and because of that I came up here to reinvent my blog. I haven't been creative lately. I was struggling from this disease. I forgot what it's called but you should find it out for me.

          This shirt has been in my closet for months. I haven't given much attention to it because I thought it was boring. I don't even know why I bought it. I guess it's the print and it was black.
oooooooooooh look at that pose.
          The reason why I tucked my shirt in was I thought I looked like a smurf if it wasn't tucked. I looked small but the last time I checked my height, it was actually 172cm and I'm still growing.
          My aunt gave this bag to me and it was too cool to be ignored. I don't really think it's about the brand names. Thinking that I posted the logo of the bag, still no. What matters for me is that it should be black. Kidding. I think it's really about the quality of the product and the style.
Black Shirt with "Aztec" Prints. OXYGEN. Denim Skinny Jeans. NOSAJTHING. Bag. PRADA.