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          We had this shoot last August 11, 2013 if I'm not wrong. I've been lazy to create a blog post. That is the reason to all of this.

          The shoot started with me telling my friend, Nina, that I wanted to do a shoot, a night shoot. I didn't mean it actually but I think because we are so desperate on doing a collaboration, it happened. We've been planning online for a year and it's just that time we really had the productiveness to do the shoot. I wasn't sure what to wear so I took this vintage leather jacket which I don't even wear and took the sleeves off and sew it on my diy dip dye denim vest. I posted a tutorial before but I deleted my posts already. I wasn't done sewing the jacket when we arrived at their resort so I continued doing the jacket. We had a chat and I can say that Nina is fabulous hahaha. She is very kind! I also thought I was talking to someone with the same age as me. She is really matured. We really have the same interests that's why we had a strong bond instantly. You can check her blog here. I don't know what to say now. Bye xx.

I want to steal this snap back from Nina one day! She has really cool accessories and clothes. I'm jealous!
I love the outcome of the photos! It really gave the Nylon-ish feeling that we didn't even aim for.
This really looks awkward. Hahahaha.
Changed my hairstyle.
This is Chesca. She's is really pretty! I'm secretly crushing over her. Oooops! It's a secret... shhhh...
          I was really shy when I met them. I have a habit of being silent to people I haven't met before. That is the reason why this shoot is kind of over the place but I was really impressed with the results! It wasn't even planned or expected. Nina and Chesca came up with this Terry Richardson inspired shoot. I got what Nina was telling me so I just nailed it in post processing the photos. All of these shots were taken by Nina because I couldn't take them by myself. Otherwise, they would look like selfie shots.Hahahah! I was really in love with these photos because they were shot in different angles! It's not the typical portrait or landscape that I do so that made it cooler. Kudos to Nina! She can be a photographer one day! Hahaha :D
This is gorgeous Nina! <3 I look weird here. That is all for now sorry for posting a huge number of photos! They were too cool to just lay around my folders so I took an effort posting them!
Vogue snap back. NINA P'S (I FORGOT WHERE SHE BOUGHT IT). Prints are not dead tee. ZARA. DIY dip dye denim vest with leather sleeves. DIY. Black trousers. OXYGEN. Sneakers. NIKE.

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