September: Month of the Best Album Releases!

           Finally, a post that I can label as music.

          Most of you readers, if there are people reading my blog, might not know how much I adore music. It is also a part of me that I want to explore and or juxtapose with my other interests in life. I am still part of the minority so I still have chances to seek and or search what I really love. I wanna be an indie artist or be in an indie band some day creating music for this generation. Living as a music freak, I have consequently gathered some of the most anticipated albums of September. These are just my personal favorite albums showing different fragments of my personality. Every album might either be similar or unalike to each other. 

"The Bones of What You Believe" 

           Many of you may know how I am addicted with this band. I fell in love with the voice of their vocalist, Lauren Mayberry, when I first heard one of their singles. I'm not actually into synths but this band made me check other similar bands. I have to give credit with the two boys who produce and create their instrumentals. It's really a hell creating a song with synthesizers and midi pads. I also love Lauren's innocence. I just find it charming where she doesn't need to push herself to be unique. Her quirkiness does all the job. Anyway, the album was leaked and I already listened to it but the album will be officially released on September 24. Gonna support them until they make it!

Jackson And His Computerband 

            I swear I have a thing with cryptic, somber, dull, and experimental music! I instantly lost my mind the first time I heard him and his computer band. The reason why I loved him is he is like a love child of Purity Ring and Crystal Castles. Huge fan of both! Their genre had always been my first fetish. The album is out now!

"Tales of Us" 

            This comeback of Goldfrapp is a new to what we usually hear from her. I had fallen in love with her since "Rocket" and she is still proving that my love for her will never end. The melody from her new song is way different than her "Rocket". You might look for her old singles but you might also admire her new sound. Her new album will be out on September 10. Keep supporting her!


            They are kind of a mixture of some indie bands that you frequently hear. I just love how awkward and disturbing the music video of "Destitute Time". They remind me of a funkier version of M83. Their album will be out on September 10.

The Presets 

           These Australian duo are out of my comfort zone. Ambiguity stroked me on this one. I just started appreciating them after few days listening to their song because I kept humming it. It's one of those songs that when you hear it, it won't easily get you. Album is out now!

"Move In Spectrums" 
Au Revoir Simone 

            This is something fresh. I adore everything about them! Synthesizers, trio, vocals, and they are gorgeous! It might not be the next hit song but it is fair enough to get noticed by music freaks. "Somebody Who" gives the feeling of just laying down to your back and eating tropical fruits. Check their album in stores on September 24.

"This Is...Icona Pop"
Icona Pop

            I don't care... I love it! Out on September 23.

"Summer Camp"
Summer Camp 
           If Estelle would be in a band, this will happen. I'm not getting euphoria yet but I think they will grow on me soon because I found "American Boy", by Estelle, catchy. Their album is out now!


            I love how this chick uses dental anatomy as a concept for her visuals and brand. It's kind of similar with how Purity Ring uses different parts of the body matching with disturbing lyrics and highfalutin words. Sorry I'm talking about Purity Ring too much but I just really praise their talent. You should check some of her songs in her album. It is out now.

"At Home" 
Keep Shelly in Athens 

             Again, another dreamy, utopian, and whimsical music for your ears. I'm digging the sultry vocals which reminds me of some artists like Björk and Grimes.

"Girls Like Us" 

            I know this is kind of a different genre and sounds like a rock, metal, and punk but it is what it is. I'm in love with the sick bass drums in the background and this kind of grungy style they're doing. I'm not into hardcore rock but I appreciate songs, especially in the rock genre, with this kind of toned down vocals. Their debut album will be released on September 30. 

"If You Wait" 
London Grammar 

            This band gives me goosebumps and you know it's perfect when it does give you chills. I'm adoring the modulated vocals from their girl vocalist and she is pretty, gorgeous, beautiful etc..  Although I hear some of Marina's voice, I still recommend them because of their different genre. Their album is out now you should support them!

"Days Are Gone" 

            I can't describe how their music sounds like I'm back in the 80's or 90's, sorry I'm a 95-liner how am I supposed to know, but it's what I also dig. That is also the reason why I am such a huge fan of Chvrches too, getting a feeling like I went back in time. The vocals of Haim are guttural, and thick. Their album will be out on September 30.

"In Rolling Waves" 
The Naked And Famous 

            I loved them when I heard their song "Young Blood". It is really something that teens would want to listen all over again. I find their songs relate-able that is why I still listen to them. Their comeback is not sounding too far from their brand. It is still the same The Naked And Famous that you heard before which is still good but it is not something as striking as "Young Blood". I still love them and will continue to listen to them until they can still produce music.


            What else can I say about MGMT? They're too popular to be unknown. I found out about them in a clothing brand's playlist in their shop. I was shocked I was humming along with "The Youth" while I was picking clothes. They use a brittle voice which is unique and I noticed that they put feed backs to their songs and it comes out stunning! The album will be released on September 17!

"Spreading Rumours" 

            I just recently added them to my playlist and they're really cool! They sound like they are fit for the comic story Scott Pilgrims. They also sound familiar to me. It's like I've heard them in a Japanese cartoon or something. I love their confidence. They even jokingly made fun of North Korea's ruler, Kim Jong-un. September 17 is the release date of their album. Don't forget to check them out. I sound like I'm being paid to advertise these artists but no, I don't get paid.

"The 1975"
The 1975

            Let their accents explain everything.

"Bad Blood" 

            I feel so bad thinking that he is a male solo artist. I just discredited his band members. Sorry about that. Anyway, I love them because of their genre and the vocalist's range kind of fits my vocal range. He reminds me of a male version of Ellie Goulding. I just have a huge obsession with simple but sick drum beats. I also recommend their other albums, Other People's Heartache Part 1 and Part 2. They are a mash-up of different kinds of songs.

"Pure Heroine" 

            She is a perfect example of my wife in the future, second to Lauren from Chvrches. I love her she doesn't try too hard to impress everyone. It's just solid lyrics and simple drum beats and she's done. Her voice doesn't need to be as high pitched as most mainstream singer does. I just love how she is and hope she can make more music. I'm excited about her album, hoping it will not disappoint. The album will be out on September 30 so mark that date!

"Wish Bone" 
Oh Land 

            Another artist that I heard from a store. I was in love with her "White Nights". It really brings up my mood and this comeback is perfect as her old songs are! She is now back to being independent and not just gaining views over Vevo's crap. Her album will be out on September 24!

            I hope you enjoyed my lengthy blog post about artists that I adore as of now. I have more artists in my playlist but they are too many to mention. I also wish you found another artist for your playlist! Which of these do you think is the most anticipated album of September? Comment below. I want to hear your opinions and voices too!

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