Cotton Candy

           Hello guys. What's happening to your lives? This is what happened to mine few days ago.

          I just colored my hair pink since I thought I was taking too long to color it. I just won a contest so I had to update them and you guys about my hair "pilgrim?" I'm quite sure this is not holy but anyway, I will just show you guys about the process. I am not here to do a tutorial about it because I am not a professional. If you're asking how to color your own hair check this.

           So the first thing I do, and will always apply to everything, is to start with a blank canvas. I had this grey/ash hair as my base. It doesn't really matter. I mean it does but pale yellow will be enough for a light colored hair dye.

           Another photo of me with my not colored hair during daylight. I know it looks like a mess. The reason is I didn't wet it yet. I've read on some article that it is better to color when it is not shampooed yet because it contains natural oils that can protect your hair from damages.

           This is how it looks like inside. I was reluctant to use it at first because I don't want to waste it. It looks delicious and sweet. I could just literally stare at it for hours and not get bored.

            An important thing with coloring your hair, well not just coloring but any drastic change to your hair, is to have a plan. You have to vision what you want it to look like and aim for it. Try to photoshop your hair if possible. My goal was to make it ombre. A little neon on the end and light/cotton candy pink on the roots.

            Hello there, this is my mom. This is one of the reasons why I want to do it at home rather than going to the salons. Quality time with mother. This is literally our only bond. I feel such a boring child. Anyway, the other reason is to save money and yes there is a downside. You can potentially ruin your hair but who cares you can still manage it to look healthy and it's still the same whether you go to the salon or not, hair dye will still damage your hair. It just depends on the product you use and or how often you color it.

            Tadaaaaa. I love the color so much. I feel like I have cotton candy on top of my head. It just boosts my confidence. If any of you guys are planning to get your hair colored cotton candy pink and or other cool colors, you can go check Rainbow Head. I know I am shamelessly plugging them but I'm just doing my job and I am really serious they are the only local Manic Panic authorized resellers that sell cheaper than other shops I know. They also have fast transactions. I will surely buy some once I feel like doing two or three colors for my hair. That's all for now. Bye.

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