LOOKBOOK.nu: おまんこ + Links for donating to Haiyan (Yolanda) victims

           I know a lot of people are suffering right now in the Philippines because of the recent super typhoon. I feel really bad for just taking photos and being oblivious. Instead of a normal style post, I will use this opportunity to attract and persuade you guys to donate even just a few amount of what you get daily, weekly, or monthly.

          I have read a lot of disturbing and terrifying stories about the conditions of the people in the affected areas but I don't want to talk about the buzz because I am not that kind of a person who deals with political stuff but I thought it would be better to do more actions rather than just talk about it. It would just make things worse if I'll talk about it. I deeply encourage you, readers, to participate and refer at least one or two of your friends to donate and tell them to pass the links to those who are also willing to help. That is all what I can do for now. I just don't want to sit and take selfies here in my room. It may look like I didn't help at all but for the people having a hard time right now, it gives them hope that they would still have someone like me willing to help for their safety,

UNICEF Philippines Red Cross American Red Cross

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