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           After few weeks on hiatus, I am back again. I have been enjoying the past few weeks. Halloween month just passed and it is literally my favorite celebration every year. I just love dressing as a character. I can be dark and haunting without getting looks from people.

          It is actually Halloween everyday for me. In case you didn't know, I am just into creepy and eerie stuff. I guess I have been saying that for every post in my blog. Anyway, I dressed as a hipster Rick Genest or Tate Langdon if you watch American Horror Story. It's a simple costume because the make up is the only part where it took me hours to do. My mom bought this headdress two years ago and I altered it to look like a legit headdress. It looked grotesque before so I literally took off the pieces one by one like a puzzle and started from scratch. I attached this flower crown I also made from a cloth that meant so much to me because it was our costume from my first dance/cheer dance competition in high school.

           I bought the skeleton sweater from a thrift shop and it had these weird shoulder pads which made me look feminine. I think it is really made for girls because it looked like a dress because of the shape of it. I still like it and it can be for both gender in my opinion. Anyway, I have to share a hilarious moment to you guys when we went to the malls to do a thrift shopping. Every Halloween, most local malls let children do a trick or treat to the shops. These children wear different costumes and other stuff. I went shopping and went to other stores. They kept saying "Sorry, we don't have any candies at the moment.". I am literally laughing internally when they kept saying it because of my style. I wasn't wearing a costume that moment but I was in all black. They keep thinking I am part of the Trick or Treaters in the mall. I normally wear black whenever I go to the mall and people keep looking at me. I think whenever there is Halloween, I am part of the majority. I feel like I belong with these people who wear black or scary stuff, well at least once.

           I had another strange experience about the accessories I'm wearing here. I got these from a street vendor. I don't know if I would call them a street vendor because they forced us to buy these cross necklace and bracelets. We were having our typical day walking through the tracks then suddenly, out of nowhere, these people came out to us telling us these are for free. As we took them, they told us it'll just cost you this much. We were deeply flabbergasted as soon as they were saying we owe them money. They said it is for their church, other things, and what not. Because I and my friend was generous, we just believed whatever they said and gave some of our cash to them. It is up to them if their conscience will bug them if ever they are telling the truth.

Head dress. DIY. Skeleton sweater. THRIFT STORE.

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