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           I have been listening to a lot of Lykke Li right now. I'm currently addicted to No Rest For The Wicked and Gunshot. I love all the songs in the album! I listened to it on an album stream. I appreciate all of the songs too!

          My friend, Naoki, helped me do this shoot around his area. He also lent the spiked snapback and bandana shirt to me. I fell in love with the shirt because of the style and coziness of it. We decided to trade shirts. I gave a shirt that I personally painted in exchange for this one. The shirt defines my style but Naoki said items from Forever 21 don't really have a good quality. I really think it's how you take care of the items you purchase. I'm not saying you have a problem taking care of your clothes but it's just that if you know they break easily, you have to take extra care. I'm into style over comfort and quality. Not that I remove comfort and quality from my priorities but it's just that I look at the style first if it will really suit my style and personality before I check if it's comfortable and in good quality or not.


           This is a temple in Mabashi. I don't know if what we did was right but it was fun taking photos anywhere in Japan. There are a lot of good sites for outfit photos but we just didn't bother to go all-out.

           The reason why my hands are red as chili is it was so cold that time. I could barely move. It was dawn when we had a shoot so it really froze us.

Spiked snapback. NAOKI'S CAP(I FORGOT WHERE HE BOUGHT IT). Manic Panic Raven Black Hair Dye. RAINBOW HEAD. Bandana shirt with white pocket. 21 MEN. Chain necklace. FROM A HAT. My Favorite Black Trousers. OXYGEN.

          That concludes my first shoot in Japan. Sorry, I've been lazy lately. I feel like I should stop doing this but then I have things to do. I will post more stuff about my stay. I hope you look forward to my future posts! Thank you! No rest for the wicked!

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