BTS: No Rest For The Wicked

           I went to Japan for a casting audition and vacation. My family supported me throughout. I will hopefully be living in Japan forever. Not sure when but it's sooner than the Star Wars or the Jurassic Park sequel. I was blown away with the environment. Everyone is disciplined, well, let's say most but it's still majority. No corruption, not much crimes based on the places I visited and no pollution too! I was also amazed by the humidity.

          There are down sides though. If you don't know anyone in Japan, you will probably die of boredom. You'll end up staring at the corner of the ceiling. Another thing I noticed was people, especially in trains, walked and acted like zombies or they looked like vegetables. It's really creepy how the lifestyle of Japanese citizens affects their moods and how one acts. I'm not saying this is rampant but this is my observation on the areas I visited. Most people are focused on their jobs. It's all about working in Japan. You will have to give up your social life if you really want to earn a lot. This is probably the reason why the suicide rate in Japan is high. They easily get tired of the same schedule and go mental about it. Again, I'm not saying all of these are really happening everywhere in Japan but because I was observing, these are the things I was noticing during my stay. They're all my opinion of how I view Japan's society.

          I stayed at Naoki's house in Matsudo, Chiba for 3 days because he was also accepted on the email registration for the casting audition. He is a fellow lookbooker. He fanned me on LOOKBOOK.nu and I fanned him back because his style is similar to mine. He and his family are generous! His mom is also from our place in the Philippines so we got along in a day. There was even a day when we just talked about our lives. Her mom told me that she will lose her mind because of boredom in Japan if she doesn't have someone to talk to. As I said earlier, if you're in Japan, you will probably have a daily monotonous schedule. It will suck all of your energy and you might become part of the workaholic society of Japan.           Two Japanese old couple passed by our photo shoot session and yes that's how early these people wake up. We bowed and greeted them and Nao heard them talked to each other. He told me that one of the Japanese asked the other Japanese that she was with if he knows us but the Japanese said he didn't know us. We just laughed. Nao gushed about the cuteness of old people in Japan.           Since we had a long walk just to find spots to shoot, Nao decided to get us some drinks. Vending machines are everywhere in Japan. I think every block has it or every 10 feet away from a vending machine you will find another one. You won't even get thirsty because of the cheap prices.           Just me checking my face if it's worth it for the consumption of my memory card in my camera. Nao just threw his plaid shirt to the ground as a cover. I wouldn't do that if I was him but since Japan is clean, I think you can even sun bathe on a road without even getting dirt on your skin. Probably not possible because of the presence of microorganisms.           Behind the chain-link fences are railways for "densya". That's how they call the trains in Japan. I thought the place would fit my outfit so I asked Nao to take photos of me. I was running out of poses so I just applied my dancing skills by freestyling. Taking poses is like dancing, your flow should be smooth because it would give more natural look as oppose to just doing poses every shot which would make it look forced and awkward. Modelling 101 with Hideki. Hahaha!           This was behind Nao's apartment/"condo?". We really watched our steps and became as quiet as possible because behind that wall is the room of Nao's parents. It was 4:00 that time. Most of the people are asleep and we didn't want to get in trouble. Creating nuisance in Japan is a big thing. Your neighbors may report you to the police if you are doing something that isn't normally looked upon in Japan like laughing loudly on the streets and other stuff that would annoy the hell out of the neighborhood. Yes, house parties are included. That's all for now. Thank you for reading! Bye!

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